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Wheatear Stitch Detached

Wheatear Stitch is a filling stitch which can be used scattered randomly or evenly on plain or evenweave fabrics. This stitch can represent foliage or be worked singly to represent of course ears of Wheat! Which ever way you decide to use it, it's quite a sweet stitch and gives a nice effect.

Ok, working in any direction bring your needle up at 1 and down again at 2, then up at 3. Pull your needle through leaving a loop of thread on the surface of your fabric. Next you are going to make a detached chain stitch (useful things to know detached chain stitches!. Insert your needle again at 3, leaving another loop on your fabric surface and then bring your needle up at 4, inside your second loop of thread. Insert again at 5, outside the loop of thread to form a small stitch to hold the detached chain stitch in place. Repeat the stitch as required. Happy Stitching!

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