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Freedom of Stitch - Victoria Crowder Payne

Address: Parkville, MO. USA. 64152

Telephone: 816-547-1042

E-mail: victoria@freedomofstitch.com


Freedom of Stitch: Where Art & Craft Meet Stitch™ is the online home for Mixed Media Embroidery with Victoria Crowder Payne. Whether you are an artist, quilter, crafter, dabbler, or just curious, it's time to see your supplies with new eyes™! Whether you’re just starting to explore the possibilities of stitch, or you’ve been around the fabric a few times, there is always a little room to get Fearless with your creativity.

Armed with the Fearless Stitcher Tutorials at the Hand Embroidery Network (& regionally in the Midwest, USA), you can try something new, or refine something old. All of the workshops are designed around a central principle such as developing a diverse series (Metamorphostitch™), creating an on-going journal around a theme (Stitcher’s Garden Book), or fully exploring a single motif (6 Stitched She’s). Technique based single tutorials address specific tools or approaches (“Metallics & Wire Work for Hand Embroidery”, and “Thread Salad™ - the Stitcher’s Buffet”, and "Figure Stitching"). Technical prompts in every lesson encourage experimenting with base layers including using watercolor and acrylic paint, stamps/stencils, rubbings, collage, and transfers. Adding dimension is also encouraged by exploring floss, fiber, metallics, and other materials such as feathers, metals & mesh, wire work, pressed botaniclas, recycled/found objects and much more.

With Freedom of Stitch, the objective is always Be Inspired, Be Fearless, & GO stitch up the place!

About Victoria:
For ten years I’ve advocated “Writing Without a Net” at the Kansas City Art Institute (USA), and have had the privilege of teaching students locally and online to catch fire when they see the possibilities of exploring image, text, mixed media and stitch. I’ve shepherded and witnessed a momentum toward mixed media stitch that not only holds artist's and crafter's attention today, but is spawning a whole new generation of loyal, enthusiastic makers. In the tradition of thousands of years of stitching, we are each continuing the rich tradition of hand work, but with the tools and opportunities of the modern world, it is time to mix media and stitch with our sense of adventure as a guide to tell the story of the way WE see the world. Freedom of Stitch and the Fearless Stitcher tutorials are built for this all-ages revolution.

Personal projects include:
Creating a video series chronicling the creation of the companion to my Mandrake. The WO-mandrake will measure 4ftX5ft and be mixed media embroidery on unbleached muslin featuring dimensional work, reverse embroidery, and wire work.

Developing a community public embroidery project which will engage Kansas City citizens with stitching by having them “put their needle on the record” and document their lives on a fabric map in Liz Kueneke’s tradition.

Completing a book length guide to Fearless Stitch.

Developing Personal Art Coaching cyber-seminar for starting the fearless stitcher’s artistic engines!

Keeping the dog from chewing all the embroidery floss in the studio (!!!)

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