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Fishbone Stitch

Fishbone stitch is often used as a filling stitch for leaves and petals. It can however be used as a border stitch as well. To work this stitch it is better to mark the fabric with the outline of the shape and with a centre line, which can be either straight or curved.

Working from the tip of the leaf shape to the bottom start by creating a small straight stitch by bringing the needle up at 1 and down at 2. Next bring the needle out at 3 on the left hand side of the straight stitch and insert back into the fabric at 4 overlapping the base of the straight stitch slightly. Bring the needle out at 5 on the right hand side of the straight stitch and insert back into the fabric at 6 to the left and overlapping the previous stitch slightly. Continue criss crossing the stitches by bringing the needle up at 7 and down at 8. You continue in this way to the whole of the shape is complete. If you get stuck we have created a video of the stitch found here:

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