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Feather Stitch

Feather stitch is a decorative stitch for surface embroidery and smocking. It comes from the buttonhole family of stitches and can also be used in Applique. Stitches can be worked straight or curved.

Uses: Used for lines and borders.

Alternative names: Briar Stitch

How to work: It is probably easier to mark out the lines in vanishing marker before starting. Work from top to bottom. Bring needle up at a, down at b and up at c, with thread beneath the needle. Keep distance a - b equal to distance b - c. Pull through. Take needle down at d and up at e with thread beneath needle and pull through. Continue to make stitches alternately to right and left for as long required (see illustration).

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(stitch illustrations were designed by Andrew Whittle, please note all stitches are copyright 2009 Hand Embroidery Network)


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