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Canvas Work

The Oxburgh Hangings, panel, Mary Queen of Scots, assisted by Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury, England about 1570. Linen canvas, embroidered with gold, silver and silk in tent stitch V & A Museum no. T.33II-1955

What is it?
Canvas work is a counted thread technique. The canvas is normally covered completely with stitching. Common types of canvas work include needlepoint, petit point, and bargello. Canvas work is also known to many people as ‘tapestry work’.

What is it's history?

How do I do it?

What are the best embroidery stitches to use for Cut work embroidery?
Suitable stitches for canvas work include: Tent Stitch, Half Cross Stitch,

Recommended Reading

The Anchor Book of Canvaswork Embroidery Stitches by Eve Harlow

New Canvaswork: Creative Techniques in Needlepoint by Jill Carter

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